Duško Bojanić - Opus

These are some of the selected works, see the rest in Galeriji.


My Techniques

Painting shows thoughtfulness, effort and a sense of giving. Art lasts a lifetime!

Inspiration, Energy

The art in the painting is my only and primary concern

dusko bojanic

Inspiration, motive...

I draw most of my inspiration and energy from the great works of old masters, and that search for artistic solutions that they ingeniously found motivates me to indulge in the same visual adventure.
In the works to which I am currently dedicated, I return to the world of objectivity, with the fact that the object now painted after a turbulent adventure can no longer remain the same - a classically painted object. Behind him now stands abstract reasoning.

Cycles, Themes

The cycles are created in shorter periods of time and are thematically related to still lifes, landscapes, interiors and abstract motifs. At the moment, still life is something that is in the center of my attention and all these motives are ultimately subordinated to the analysis of the space that I am constantly researching and developing.